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Jenica Schneider

With Romanian and German as my two mother tongues supported by an ideal mix of relevant skills, I am able to offer clients specialist expertise for their interpreting and translating needs. And I’d be delighted to share the high standards my services achieve – thanks to my consummate knowledge of the terminology used in law and technology, long-standing specialist experience and distinctive intercultural skills – with you too. You can expect accurate work, precise detail and swift completion of your order at all times. I offer interpreting and translating in Romanian to German and English to German.



I have many years of experience as a state-registered interpreter in court proceedings and public authority business in my two mother tongues, Romanian and German, and am therefore ideally equipped to work in partnership with clients on interpreting assignments in legal matters.

In both civil and criminal proceedings, a consummate knowledge of court and public authority terminology is essential if an interpreter is to perform effectively. As you would expect, a command of the relevant legal vocabulary is integral to my skill set.

Familiarity with a different way of thinking shaped by specific backgrounds and the ability to translate appropriately between such different levels of expression and education contribute significantly to ensuring that court cases proceed smoothly, particularly in the context of criminal proceedings. Holding both Romanian and German nationality, I provide a suitably high level of skill in this particularly sensitive area.


As a native speaker with wide-ranging specialist knowledge and professional experience in the area of engineering and technology, I translate and interpret for clients in the business sector.

A command of the vocabulary used within industry is of course essential, and over the many years in which I practised as a self-employed professional in Romania I acquired business-specific knowledge which enhances the work I offer clients: I speak Corporate!

With business links to the countries of Eastern Europe continually growing in significance – as is also increasingly reflected in the legal sector – the demand for specific expertise in interpreting and translating is also rising. I am glad to be able to meet this demand for clients to optimum effect.



In the specialist field of law I offer clients interpreting and translating services as a state-registered interpreter for legal proceedings and public authority business, having sworn to exercise strict confidentiality in my professional practice.

Private law: civil law, commercial law and corporate law
Public law: public administration law, tax law, employment law and social law

For all relevant judicial bodies and institutions concerned with the administration of justice: law courts, prosecution services, lawyers and solicitors, and for public authorities and associations

Civil law and criminal law: simultaneous translation in civil and criminal court proceedings - conducted without loss of either time or quality of service


Court and public authorities terminology used in all areas of law (my degree course included a one-year unit covering all fields of law, judicial proceedings and forms of communication between all types of legal bodies)

Private law: civil law (law of obligations, inheritance law and family law), commercial law and corporate law

Public law: public administration law (building legislation, civil service law and foreign nationals law), tax law ([German] tax code and income tax law), social law (health insurance, retirement pension insurance, accident insurance and unemployment insurance)

Civil law and criminal law

Interpreting and translating in all aspects of a criminal case at the relevant investigating authorities and law courts:

Questioning in the course of an investigation or during investigative proceedings conducted by the prosecution service, police and examining judges; in bringing an action and court order rulings

Court proceedings: preliminary hearing, main proceedings, enforcement proceedings

Simultaneous translation in civil or criminal court proceedings without loss of either time or quality of service, intercultural skills and familiarity with a different way of thinking shaped by specific backgrounds.

Translations of notices of fines, penal notices, written summons and charges; birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates for submission to public authorities; notarised certificates for purchase agreements, shareholder agreements and constitutional documents for company registration purposes and for chambers of commerce; certification for consulates and embassies


In the specialist field of engineering and technology, I translate and proofread translations of general corporate correspondence, technical documents, operating instructions, flyers and brochures, specialist literature and other technical publications in the engineering and technology sector.

I act as an interpreter at business meetings and in discussions with technical staff, attend plant installations and other occasions involving corporate communications and offer simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and interpreting in negotiations.


Materials and materials technology: steel production, basic oxygen steel-making process and fibreglass

Production engineering: casting, shaping, separating, joining, coating, finishing processes and altering material properties

Machine elements, internal combustion engines, alternative drive concepts (Wankel engines and hybrid vehicles), combined cycle power stations, hydro-electric power stations, solar power stations, co-generation plant, wind power stations, combined power and heat production and heat pumps

Alternative energy: fuel cells, solar energy, collectors and photovoltaic energy

Electrical engineering, computer technology and geo-technical studies

Business correspondence, general terms and conditions of business and data protection statements, purchasing agreements and translations for the food industry



I undertake a continuous flow of assignments as a state-registered interpreter for court proceedings and public authority matters for the following courts, public authorities and associations, as well as working with the law firms listed below.


Stuttgart District Court

Frankfurt Police Headquarters

Krefeld Local Court

Anwaltskanzlei Magold, Walter & Hermann, Nuremberg
Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Bauch & Partner, Nuremberg
Rechtsanwalt Gero Loyens, Nuremberg
Anwaltskanzlei Reitzenstein Junge Lottner, Nuremberg
Rudolph Rechtsanwälte, Nuremberg
Rechtsanwältin Denise Klüwer, Erlangen

Nuremberg Higher Regional Court
Nuremberg-Fürth District Court
Nuremberg Local Court and Fürth Local Court
District Prosecution Service for Nuremberg
Local Prosecution Service for Nuremberg-Fürth
Nuremberg Social Court (deals with social security and related issues)
Nuremberg South Tax Office - Tax Investigation Department
Nuremberg City Council Children’s Service
Federal Police Service in Nuremberg
Pro Familia Foundation, Nuremberg

Erlangen District Court and Erlangen Local Court
Ansbach District Court and Ansbach Local Court
Amberg Local Court - Criminal Division
Schwabach Local Court
Hersbruck Local Court
Würzburg District Court
Regensburg Local Court
Weiden-in-der-Oberpfalz District Court
Augsburg Local Court
Augsburg Local Prosecution Service
Munich I District Court
Munich Local Court
Munich Local Prosecution Service
Munich Customs & Excise Investigation Department
Straubing Local Court



As a result of the demanding nature and high standard of the translating work I have undertaken in the field of engineering and technology during my professional practice, I have now gained the confidence of a large number of companies in this sector who keep coming back to me with further assignments

I look forward to welcoming you as a future client too!



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